Industries We Serve

small business funding

We provide cash flow solutions to Service Providers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Importer and Exporters, and a host of other industries.

Our focus is on young and growing companies including start-ups, minority, and women-owned businesses that sell goods and/or services on terms to other credit-worthy and reputable businesses (private or public and local, state, and federal government agencies). The following is a partial list of businesses we serve:

Businesses that are experiencing temporary cash flow squeeze as a result of increasing sales, growing pains, expansion, seasonal fluctuations, acquisitions, high leverages, insufficient or used up credit lines.

Businesses that are unable or unwilling to obtain traditional lines of credit because of insufficient history, credit issues, over-extension, bankruptcy, judgment, tax liens, or other reasons.

Businesses that accept credit cards, debit cards, or allow installment payments for purchases.

Organizations and individuals that are receiving monthly installments from annuities or other instruments, or have outstanding personal injury or liability cases.

A shortlist of industries we serve:

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