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We offer the best options and advantages…

You should choose Factor Funding Company because we can help you get better cash flow, more customers, more sales, and more profit.  Plus, we’ll enable you to confidently meet day-to-day operations and grow, without concern for lack of capital.

Unlike conventional lenders, we have simple options, no confusing paperwork, fast turnaround, work closely with you for quick approval, and foster mutually beneficial relations.

With traditional lenders it is their way or the highway.  At Factor Funding Company, your way is our way.  We get to know you and recognize your uniqueness; therefore, we customize solutions according to your specific needs rather than a one size fits all or cookie cutter approach. In addition to receiving access to dependable cash flow, by working with Factor Funding Company you will:

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A sale is really not a sale until you receive the money because you cannot enter invoices or promissory notes on your ledger as cash on hand or in the bank, spend it to meet payroll, purchase equipment, pay suppliers, or other bills, but Factor Funding can make it all possible.

We know you have many choices when selecting a funding company and the program has to be the right fit for you, which is why we have called your attention to our program highlights in which we take great pride to provide valuable assistance to help you assess, compare, and decide if our program is the right fit for you. Why would you want to go anywhere else with all these benefits of Factor Funding?

Having access to Factor Funding reduces the level of stress caused by lack of funds or the need to seek multiple sources such as family, friends, investors, bankers or others with no assurance you will get the funds. With Factor Funding you are virtually approved even if you have spotty credit, as approval is largely based on your underlying assets and on the credit-worthiness of your customers. You can read more about who we are and what we do.