Apparel Industry Factoring

Apparel Industry Factoring

People in the apparel industry know that today’s fashion designs and styles can be gone tomorrow. It is a constantly changing industry where apparel companies must keep pace with the latest fashion trends or risk going out of business.

Whether your business is new to the apparel industry or is a small to medium-sized company, having the capital you need to compete and grow is essential. Unfortunately, unlike large corporations with substantial cash reserves, many new and smaller companies in the apparel industry struggle with fluctuations in cash flow that can affect many aspects of a company’s operations and growth, including:

Factoring Solution for Cash Flow Shortages

Customers in the apparel industry generally demand aggressive credit terms instead of paying for orders when delivered. It is common for a company in the apparel industry to wait 60 days or more for payment. Seasonal fluctuations in orders can also mean a drop in cash flow that can cripple a business.

Factor Funding Company is a nationwide expert in developing and offering factoring solutions for the cash flow problems of companies in the apparel industry. Its apparel industry factoring turns your unpaid invoices into immediate cash that can be used for any purpose, including:

Benefits of Apparel Industry Factoring

Borrowing from banks can take time, be expensive, involve time consuming applications and paperwork, and burden your company with another monthly payment. With apparel industry factoring, your company receives a percentage of the face value of its unpaid invoices without having to wait for payment from the customer.

By factoring a portion of your outstanding invoices at regular intervals, your company can have a consistent flow of cash. Instead of waiting months for payment, your company can have the cash it needs as soon as it ships an order.

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