Rates, Fees, Terms & Conditions

Rates as low as 0.5%, Fast Funding and Easy Application!

Volume requirement, rate, and fees are largely dependent on your specific type of funding request. We also take market conditions into consideration as well as business cycles. In most cases there are no monthly minimum volume requirements, however, we prefer volume of at least $10,000 per month, whether it is one or multiple transactions combined. For your benefit as well as ours, more volume can translate to lower rates and greater revenue.

Factoring rate estimates:
From 0.07% up to 0.1% per day
From 0.7% up to 1.0% every 10 days
From 1.14% up to 1.5% every 15 days
From 2.29% up to 3.00% every 30 days
Contact us for additional rate structures including LIBOR / Prime Plus Quotes.

Your rates would vary depending on your industry, volume, days outstanding and other factors. You are virtually approved if you sell to other reputable and credit-worthy businesses and have sufficient business rights and title to unencumbered or valued assets. For transportation and freight bill funding rates, visit our transportation and freight funding page.

Minimum Transaction: Based on funding types, preferably $10,000 or higher, with one or more transactions combined.

Maximum: No maximum. It is mainly based on the value of the collateral and the ability to be repaid or recover.

Timeline: Varies. Initial transaction can be concluded between 1 – 7 days and funding within 24 – 48 hours thereafter is typically applicable across various types of funding except Settlement Funding where approval will be contingent on permission from a judge.

Guarantee: Is generally required to affirm individual integrity, representations, warranties, validation of statements, transactions, documents, and attesting to perform per agreement and not commit fraud.

Recourse / Non-recourse: Funding is mostly non-recourse basis and provides protection against insolvency, legal bankruptcy, loss, and/or non-payment.

Collateral: Investment interest shall be protected by filing a blanket lien -UCC 1 on attached assets.

Term: Varies, from a minimum of 1 month up to 72 depending on account type.

Rates: Are dependent on the specific type of account and funding requirements.

Application Fee: None

Other metrics such as cash flow, financial conditions and history may not be necessary but can be considered if they will improve your options. All other terms and conditions will be expressed in the Master Agreement and other documents.

Send in your funding request now and enjoy favorable terms and conditions. With just some basic information we will provide you a proposal without obligation. There are no application fees, no hidden charges, no upfront fees, and with fast turnaround. Terms include funding advances between 70% – 90% typically within 24 – 48 hours after approval. Start-up businesses are welcome.

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