Benefits of Factoring

Benefits of Factoring

Companies need cash to grow and survive. Cut off the supply of cash and a company will falter and die. Seasonal fluctuations in sales or customers who are slow to pay can quickly create a crisis for your company. Factoring will benefit your business by making cash available for your company to:

Getting money from banks can be a slow, frustrating process with no assurance of success. Factor Funding Co has been helping small and medium-size businesses long enough to know that cash is the lifeblood your company needs to prosper and grow. When the lifeblood stops flowing you need help right away.

Business Financing Solutions

Factor Funding Co is a nationwide business funding service that can provide cash for your business through:

Accounts Receivable Factoring

If your sales are to reputable and credit-worthy customers, your outstanding invoices can be turned into cash today. Accounts receivable factoring offers your company the following benefits:

Merchant Funding

Merchant funding offers businesses with credit card and installment sales the opportunity to turn those sales into immediate cash. The transaction is quick and is not a loan.

Purchase Order Factoring

Being unable to fill orders because of a lack of cash can ruin your company’s reputation and hurt future sales. Purchase order financing will give your company the cash it needs to purchase materials. Your company can increase sales by targeting larger orders without risk of having insufficient cash to fill them.

Asset-Based Financing

Long a popular method by which companies acquire cash by borrowing on the value of their tangible assets. Asset-based financing offers benefits for your company, including:

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