Cash Flow Factor – August 2015

Internet Marketing Tips and Tools to Help Small Businesses Grow

How well are you utilizing Internet marketing in your business growth plan? While the tried-and-true methods of yesteryear are still viable options, you could be missing out on some serious reach!
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How To Maximize the Value of Your Small Business

Small businesses are bought and sold all the time, but is the price always right? There are some things that you can be doing right now to help maximize your company’s worth. This Huffington Post article gives you some tips on how to boost up your selling price.
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7 Metaphors to Help Understand Being an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship can be a difficult thing to explain! Even as you’re actively pursuing a career as a small business owner, a reminder of what you’re doing and why can help get back any motivation you may have lost. These metaphors help to illustrate the concept of entrepreneurship in ways that most people can understand.
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