Cash Flow Factor – February 2015

Storms Can Be Painful for Small Businesses

What would you do if you had to shut your doors and lost a day’s worth of sales or a valuable customer? Last week’s blizzard struck 4.5 million people in the Boston area, dumping nearly three feet of snow and triggering high tides. Small companies are dealing with storm-related headaches like delayed orders, angry customers and lost revenue.
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Alternative Online Lenders Fill Funding Needs For Small Businesses

While banks are the traditional source of outside capital for small businesses, there has been significant growth in alternative funding. From merchant cash advances and equipment leasing to factoring products, alternative lenders are changing the way in which small businesses access capital . Such lenders are innovating small business lending in terms of simplicity and convenience of the application process and quick delivery of capital.
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When to Take Out a Loan for Your Profitable Small Business

Businesses in the black can often benefit from taking out a loan to expand operations, purchase new equipment, buy inventory and increase working capital. Securing a business loan before you need it can help build credit and protect you against business slowdowns.
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Improve Your Cash Flow – Free Case Study

Want more money for your business? Learn how Exclusive Personnel got the capital they needed and how receivables factoring can help your business.

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