Cash Flow Factor – September 2015

5 Top Social Marketing Lessons From British Small Businesses

British small businesses have to work extra hard to have a meaningful impact on American markets. Working hard doesn’t just mean putting in some bonus hours on marketing, though – they have to be smart about their marketing strategy.
There’s a lot we can learn from our friends across the pond!»

Does Your Small Business Need Big Training?

While it can be tempting to cut costs as much as possible when running a small business, one of the best ways to get the most out of your employees is to make sure they are properly trained and cross-trained.
Should you splurge on employee training?»

How You Can Be “Out to Lunch” AND Still be Productive

The markets don’t sleep and business never stops, but what does that mean for the entrepreneur who wants to stay ahead of the curve? Entrepreneurship tends to demand flexibility, creativity, and innovation, and thankfully, we don’t always need to be in an office to be productive.
 Take your productivity to the next level»


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