Construction Factoring

Construction Factoring Services

Business owners in the construction industry rarely ever receive payments from their customers on time. If this situation is affecting your business, construction factoring can help. This arrangement, which is designed specifically for construction companies, allows you to receive most of your invoice value right away rather than waiting as much as two months to be paid. Construction factoring is available for businesses of all sizes, from the small contractor to the multi-million dollar commercial contractor.

Who Can Benefit from Construction Factoring

All types of construction businesses can benefit from factoring but this arrangement can be of special assistance to:

If your company falls into one of these categories, construction factoring may be of particular help to you.

Why Use Construction Factoring?

Construction businesses often run into cash flow problems when customers don’t pay their invoices on time. Just one late payment can cause you to miss payroll, skip a utility payment or postpone a necessary purchase. For many businesses these vital expenses cannot wait. You can use construction factoring to advance the cash you need to continue operating your business without interruption.

How Construction Factoring Can Help You

When you use construction factoring you’ll be able to receive an advance on the value of your outstanding invoices. Rather than waiting for months to be paid, you can get your advance within a few business days or even a few hours. This arrangement gives you access to the money you need for your company even though your clients may not have paid yet. Factoring also gives you the freedom to concentrate on growing your business instead of getting bogged down in performing collections. Construction factoring requires no application fee, no long-term contracts and no minimum invoice volume.

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