Debt Collections FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and Answers about Debt Collections & Loan Servicing…

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  1. What is debt collection?
  2. What will you charge to collect on my debts?
  3. Is there an upfront fee?
  4. What if I don’t where the debtor is?
  5. Do you collect personal debts, commercial debts, or both?
  6. Are there industries or individual accounts you will not collect from?
  7. What is your minimum and maximum volume requirement?
  8. Do you have geographic limits?
  9. Will you collect on old debts?
  10. What if the debtor refuses or is unable to pay?
  11. Can you or will you file a lawsuit if debtor refuses to pay?
  12. Can I engage multiple collectors at the same time?
  13. Do I have to sign a contract with you?
  14. How long is your contract term?
  15. How long will you collect on debts?
  16. When will I receive payment if you collect?
  17. How do I engage your services?

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