Government Contractor Factoring

Government Contractor Factoring Services

Factor Funding Co understands how small and medium-sized companies face cash flow challenges as they work to grow their government contracting business. We know that slow-paying government agencies can put a real strain on a company’s cash flow, which is why we offer government contractor factoring.

Government Receivables Factoring Can Help Your Company

Any company whose business depends on providing goods or services to local, state or federal government agencies has experienced one or more of the following cash flow problems:

Government contractor factoring gives your company the needed cash to overcome these as well as the many other problems associated with a lack of immediate cash.

Government Contractor Factoring Solutions

Selling products and services to the government can be financially rewarding for a company but future growth depends on your company’s ability to fill the orders. A company that fills the orders on time will get future business from the government. Those companies experiencing cash flow shortages will find future government business going elsewhere.

Government contractor factoring takes your government receivables and turns them into immediate cash your company can use to:

Factor Funding Co has experience working with the Federal Assignment of Claims Act. We understand how it works, what it requires and how to use it to turn your outstanding government invoices into the cash your company needs. Government contractor factoring helps your company to continue operating at its fullest potential without letting cash flow shortages interfere with its growth or its ability to fill orders.

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Government contractors know that doing business with government agencies can be profitable and can help a small or mid-sized company grow. They also are aware of how waiting for payment of outstanding invoices puts a strain on their ability to fill orders, meet payroll expenses, purchase supplies and take advantage of growth opportunities. Turning those invoices into cash is how Factor Funding Co can help your company meet its cash flow challenges.

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