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Manufacturing Factoring Services

Manufacturing has been the backbone of American industry. New domestic growth has returned to an industry that had previously experienced an outsourcing of work to overseas markets. Your company’s ability to take advantage of this growth opportunity can be lost because of cash flow problems. Factor Funding Co has a proven record of accomplishment in providing cash flow solutions to small and medium-size businesses through manufacturing funding.

Challenges to the Domestic Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry in the U.S. experienced a period of decline because of overseas competition. Several factors were to blame, including:

The shift back to manufacturing domestically came about due to:

Growth and a Need for Manufacturing Factoring

If your company is engaged in the manufacturing industry as a manufacturer, distributor or packaging company, maintaining an adequate flow of cash into your business is essential. Metalworking can be highly cyclical. Machinery manufacturing requires continuous re-engineering and all manufacturing companies need a readily available source of supplies and materials.

Manufacturing factoring can provide your company with the cash it needs to meet the demands of the manufacturing industry, including:

Being able to fill current orders will not help your company to grow. Growth requires that you have sufficient cash flow to allow you to pursue large future orders. Manufacturing factoring is the way to achieve the cash flow your company requires.

How Manufacturing Factoring Can Help Your Company

Factor Funding Co can help your company improve its cash flow by turning your outstanding invoices into cash you can reinvest into your business. Slow-paying customers can cripple your business. Manufacturing factoring allows you to get cash today for your accounts receivables.

Bank loans can be slow and expensive. Manufacturing factoring is not a loan so your company does not have to be concerned about:

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