March 2013

A New Tax Crackdown on Small Business?
In 2013, the U.S. government will carefully scrutinize businesses that may be falsely categorizing on-the-job employees as independent contractors. By doing so, the IRS hopes to stop companies that attempt to evade minimum wage laws and avoid paying employee benefits. Approximately 30 percent of workers are wrongly classified, and the IRS is preparing to audit 6,000 companies.
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The 4 Dangers of Borrowing Money the Wrong Way
Although it is never easy to get approved for a small business loan, there are right ways and wrong ways to borrow the money you need to grow your business. Are you parting with too much collateral? Is it possible to borrow without collateral? Get answers to these financing concerns before choosing a lender.
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3 Ways to Get Your Small Business Loan Denied
Rookie entrepreneurs and small business owners often make one or more of mistakes that prevent them from getting approved for financing. Find out how lack of strategy or even a poor marketing plan can hurt your chances of securing a small business loan.
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