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Case Study Exclusive Personnel

Daniel – The speed and efficiency with which your company process our requests was phenomenal. The improvement in cash flow has brought a great sigh of relief to the bookkeeper and myself!

Bob K.
Roofing and Waterproofing Consulting
Houston, TX


Dear Daniel,

I’ve been a small businessman for the past thirty years. [I had] the same problem [with CASH FLOW] in [each of] the [past] five business I started. [Now], I’m in the delivery business and like it. It’s been ten years since I took over Courier [company]. [Before I started with Factor Funding], I would get a new customer and loose the old ones, because I could not keep the drivers. Again, cash flow was the problem, until I saw your ad on the internet.

I started by asking questions. Your company was ever up front with me. I did not think a company as small as mine, could get financing on a weekly basis. Everything you said, that you could do, you’ve done.

I have now added three new customers, in the last two weeks. I owe it all to your company

Thank you,

Terry H.
Courier Service
Indianapolis, IN


Exclusive Personnel is a staffing firm serving property management. Our goal is to place qualified candidates in positions where they are able to provide for themselves and their families. We offer incentives to our clients that no other competitor can beat, we guarantee it!

Daniel took the time to listen to our needs and our current situation to accommodate us. He was interested in our company and well-being. (This is uncommon)

Our expectations have been met and exceeded in several different areas of our company needs. He (and Alliance) seem to understand that “Without them, there is no us” and took our case very seriously. Both are very on top of things. In our industry of expertise, this is VERY important. Time is of the essence.


Our experience with Factor Funding has been an unforgettable one! We owe our company’s success to them! They are understanding of our needs, they know the true meaning of urgency and customer service, which I will say again, is not normally common.

Thanks For Everything Factor Funding,

Lindsay S. & Crystal B.
Personnel Staffing Service,
Dallas, TX


Good morning,

As a small woman owned business it becomes difficult when people do not pay you on time. Money becomes an issue, and although your receivables look great, if they are paying in 60 or 90 days it can affect a small business like mine.

I was interested in factor because it would give me the freedom to pursue other interests in my business, and I would not have to worry about money coming in.

I decided to go with factor because it was worth a try, the worst that could happen would be that I was getting my money in 24 hours. What’s so bad about that?

So far I am extremely happy with the service, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to gain cash flow quickly.


Ruth O.
Transportation Services
Neptune City, NJ


Daniel and the rest of the staff at factor funding have been extremely understanding and helpful in making the transition from our former Factor. Everyone has been very friendly, courteous, respectful and a pleasure to do business with. One of the main problems with our past factor was the lack of customer service and feeling a loss of control over the financial aspect of our business, as well as interference in the relationships with our clients. So far Factor funding has been very sympathetic to our situation and has made an awesome effort in making us feel in control and comfortable with factoring again. Thank you and we look forward to maintain a great long term relationship.

Jay & Joyce C.
Cleaning Services
Spring, TX


My name is Nayeem and I am the Director of Staff Augmentation [in our IT consulting business].

I had a client who had a net 60 term of payment and that would pose as a problem for my consultant who needs to be paid every 2 weeks.

I have heard both good and bad things about factoring but after speaking to Daniel and Dave, I realized that they are very transparent, honest and good people and I wanted to work with them

Customer service has far exceeded my expectations. We are still working on a few factoring challenges with 1 client but I am positive we will do more business for years to come.

Undivided attention, prompt response and honest sincere help are provided to [us] at any time of need.

I would [recommend Factor Funding Company] to my associates because my experience has been nothing short of pleasant and I have seen their effective business process which makes working with them a breeze.

Nayeem A.
IT Consulting, Houston, TX
HUB Certified


These are but a few testimonials that we have and continue to receive from clients. With almost uniform voice, they all say they are very satisfied with our service. Many of them wished they found out about our services sooner.

Like them, you will be satisfied and soon be singing our praises too. Your business will be well positioned to go to the next level and continue to reach the goals you set for yourself. The only thing that can stop you is inaction. Don’t allow poor cash flow stop your progress or slow you down. Take action today!