Powerful New Report Offers Insight Into Alternative Business Financing

JANUARY 1, 1999

A just published, 24 page report written in response to today’s tight credit environment offers business owners, valuable insights into available financing alternatives.

Breakthrough Financing Strategies: How to Dramatically Increase Your Cash Flow “was researched and written in direct response to requests from small and mid-size business owners facing crippling cash flow and capital shortages,” said Daniel Eke, President of Factor Funding Company.

Compiled by national experts in the areas of alternative financing, Breakthrough Financing specifically addresses the advantages and disadvantages of different types of cash flow generation techniques.

“Breakthrough Financing provides solid insight into available financing, including very effective strategies that are being quietly used successfully by firms around the country,” Eke said. “Business owners will learn of available resources that can make a very marked difference in their cash flow and; therefore, in the growth and future of their companies.”

A survey by the American Institute of CPAs reveals that small business owners rank uneven cash flow as the top financial problem facing American businesses today. “This report,” concluded Eke, “is the response to that survey.”

“Breakthrough Financing will actually show the business owner how to immediately boost cash flow and give them the ability to grow and compete profitably.” For a free copy of Breakthrough Financing, call (713) 726-9697.