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Factoring for Security Companies

Access to a cost-effective and reliable source of funds is essential for a company’s success and growth in any competitive, high-stakes industry. Factor Funding Co. knows that security companies depend upon a steady cash flow from invoices in an industry in which services performed do not translate into immediate payment. A readily available source of funds could hamper the ability of your security business to pay for the personnel and equipment to fulfill current client demands.

Demands on a Business’s Cash Flow

A company competing for business in the security industry must be prepared to add personnel and equipment as needed to fulfill the demands of an order for a new or existing client. Usually, services are performed and then invoiced for payment, but payment may not arrive for 30 to 90 days after the services are rendered. The delay in payment can strain a company’s cash flow and make it impossible to meet financial obligations including:

Factor Funding Company has worked with companies nationwide to design solutions to their cash flow challenges. Invoice factoring for security companies convert uncollected accounts receivables into the working capital needed to meet current demands and achieve long-term growth.

Invoice Factoring for Security Companies

Small or start-up companies frequently have difficulty obtaining financing through traditional sources such as bank loans or lines of credit. Even larger, more established security companies can have problems securing financing because of an owner’s poor credit history or not having sufficient assets to satisfy demands for collateral.

Factoring for security companies from Factor Funding Co. resolves the financing challenges of a security company quickly and easily. The advantages of invoice factoring include:

Invoice factoring gives you up to 95 percent of the face value of your unpaid invoices. We base our decisions on an evaluation of your company’s outstanding invoices. If approved, there is no monthly payment because we collect the outstanding invoice from your customer.

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