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Stop fighting with your cash flow…

Whether you need funds to fill cash flow gaps between when you invoice and when you receive payment or to finance the purchase or manufacture of goods or equipment, pay suppliers, meet payroll or other expenses, Factor Funding Co can assist you with the capital you need. Get your funding now. With our unique blend of services, we have helped many individuals and businesses from start-ups to already established companies survive and prosper.

See how we can help you meet your cash flow needs below:

Accounts Receivable Funding

Accounts receivable funding also known as factoring is the sale of invoices at a discount to generate immediate and dependable cash flow without borrowing, giving up control of your business, or creating debts. It is ideally suited to businesses that are either experiencing growth or temporary cash flow squeeze who also sell on payment terms to other businesses. It is easy to qualify for factoring and NOT like traditional financing or bank loan or lines of credit where approval is based on your personal and direct business credits and assets. Instead, approval is largely based on the credit-worthiness of your customers and their ability to pay their invoice.  Learn more about accounts receivable funding.

Purchase Order Funding

Purchase Order Funding is sometimes called pre-delivery or production finance.  It is a form of short-term financing or payment assurance to produce or purchase finished goods ordered or sold. At times, a business may find itself in a position where it is unable to fulfill a customer’s order because it lacks the capital to do so, therefore, risks losing the order and all its associated profits, possibly ruining its reputation, losing the customer and its future business entirely. The solution can be Purchase Order Funding. Our clients use it to obtain capital and or materials to fulfill orders when they lack funds or need to hold on to cash on-hand, or requires outside help or expertise. Learn more about PO Funding.

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Asset Based Loan

An asset based loan is a loan that is secured or collateralized with tangible and/or intangible assets. The amount of the loan will largely be dependent on the value of your underlying asset and how easily they can be converted to cash should the need arise, although not desired.  Other metrics such as cash flow, financial conditions, history, projections etc may be considered. Our program is very diverse and wide-ranging. We will consider virtually all kinds of hard assets. Learn more about asset based loan financing.

Equipment Finance & Lease Buyback

Equipment finance or lease buyback are financing methods that can be used both by equipment buyers and sellers to acquire or sell equipment or obtain cash on equipment.  The equipment can be new or used and for short-term or long-term purposes. It can be helpful in situations such as when a business needs to upgrade equipment but lack the funds or lines of credit to do so, or simply want to conserve cash on-hand or obtain additional working capital. It can also be used to try-out a new acquisition before investing significant cash outlay. Depending on your situation you can transfer the risks of ownership as well as take advantage of tax benefits. Learn more about equipment financing.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance is a commercial funding program that turns future credit, debit, installment, or consumer contract sales into immediate working capital. It provides cash now against future sales or payments.  It offers opportunities to generate more sales by extending credit terms to new and existing customers, thus encouraging them to make new or additional purchases without a big cash outlay if at all, instead to postpone or make installment payments, while you the merchant will however, get immediate cash or access to funds.  Learn more about merchant cash advance.

Debt Collection

Our debt collection and servicing will convert your debtor’s past due bills or future payments into cash. If you are owed money but you are unable to collect for any reason, or you have a portfolio of consumer’s schedled payments or process, our debt collection or loan service can be your answer.  In a credit society such as we are in today, an effective and efficient collection payment servicing is a necessity.  Learn more about debt collection.

Real Estate Investment

Our real estate investment is strictly to provide cash or working capital on commercial properties particularly in situations where conventional lending is either unattainable or undesirable.  Learn more about real estate investment.

Settlement & Lawsuit Funding

Settlement and lawsuit funding provides lump sum cash advance for annuities and personal injury cases before or after an award. You can obtain funds against a portion or all of your regular payments, an award, or anticipated settlement. A credit check is typically not necessary and on outstanding lawsuit you will not be required to repay the advance if you lose your case. Learn more about settlement & lawsuit funding.