Accounts Receivable Funding (Factoring)

invoice factoring

Factoring turns invoices to cash and provide Lines of Credit

What does a factoring company do?

Accounts Receivable Funding, also known as factoring, is the sale of invoices at a discount. It is a method of financing used by businesses to raise capital and improve cash flow quickly, by discounting invoice payments.

It is often used to fill cash flow gaps that would typically occur between when you invoice a customer for goods or services sold and when you actually receive payment. It is used to manage accounts receivable processing and collections and to effectively ease temporary cash flow squeeze.

It is much like outsourcing the difficulties in processing and collections of invoices but with an added benefit to receive upfront cash advance on outstanding invoices within 24 – 48 hours after approval while still allowing your customers up to 90 days to pay. It will allow you to get more customers, sell more, do more, and focus more on managing and growing your business.

Factor Funding and our financing services can balance and enhance your business standing through:

All for no more than a few pennies, on average about three (3) cents per dollar per month of each invoice that is funded. Rates would vary depending on industry, volume, and other factors. You are virtually qualified and can be approved within hours if you sell on terms to other reputable and credit-worthy businesses.

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