Small Business Factoring

Small Business Factoring Services

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, but slow paying customers, seasonal sales fluctuations and other factors can jeopardize the financial well-being of even successful companies. An inability to meet cash flow needs can cripple a small business.

Small business factoring services from Factor Funding Co. offer the cash flow solutions to meet small business challenges, including:

Meeting the Needs of Small Businesses

Small companies frequently lack the capital reserves that are available to large corporations to operate and grow during periods of reduced cash flow. Small business owners in need of an infusion of working capital might find that the size of their companies limit them from accessing such traditional sources of cash flow as bank financing.

Business owners dream of getting a large order from a new customer, but the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare as the company struggles to find the cash needed to meet the demands a large order can place on the resources of a small business. Being unable to obtain the working capital needed to fulfill customer orders can hinder the growth and threaten the survival of a small business.

Factor Funding Co. has experience working with small business owners nationwide to provide financing alternatives including small business factoring services that can quickly convert a company’s invoices into working capital.

Advantages of Small Business Factoring Services

Unlike a loan, small business factoring services do not add additional debt to a company’s monthly accounts payable. Other advantages offered by small business factoring services include:

Instant Cash Flow

Factor Funding Co. has been helping businesses of all sizes and in all industries to meet the cash flow challenges that growth and a competitive marketplace can bring. This experience allows us to design a small business factoring services program tailored specifically to a company’s needs individual needs.

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