Software Company Factoring

Software Company Factoring Services

Business owners in the highly competitive software industry know that timing can be crucial to their company’s success or failure. Companies must be poised to take advantage of business opportunities immediately as they present themselves.

Cash flow shortages can prevent a software company from taking advantage of opportunities to increase sales and grow. Customers will quickly take their business elsewhere if a company is unable to fulfill their requests. Software company factoring provides the solution by turning a company’s unpaid invoices into cash.

Software Company Factoring Advantages

Large corporations can rely on capital reserves to satisfy cash flow demands, but most small businesses in the software industry do not have extensive capital reserves from which to draw. Software company factoring takes the accounts receivables of a business and quickly converts them into working capital to be used anyway a company owner chooses

The advantages of using software company factoring to put unpaid invoices to work include:

How Factoring Can Work for a Software Company

Factor Funding Co. has been providing unique software factoring solutions nationwide to companies of all sizes. A software company can get up to 95 percent of its outstanding invoices converted into immediate cash from Factor Funding Co.

Because it is not a loan, there is no monthly payment for a company to make. Factor Funding Co. collects the outstanding invoice balances directly from the software company’s customers. The software company owner is free to focus on running the company without worrying about collecting unpaid invoices or making monthly payments to a bank or finance company.

Benefits of Software Company Factoring

The the money a business receives through invoice factoring can be used to fulfill customer orders and other uses, including:

Software Company Factoring Solutions

Customers who are slow to pay outstanding invoices can destroy a software business by preventing a company from having the resources to compete in this highly competitive industry. Contact Factor Funding Co. for more information about software factoring solutions at 866-717-2274 or by downloading the receivable factoring application form.

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